Timeshare Mediation Services Ltd

I was contacted by Timeshare Mediation Services in August 2013 in regard to a Timeshare deal I had entered into with Future Resorts Marketing some years previously.

Future Resorts Marketing had not delivered all that they had promised, indeed I found it almost impossible to contact them to register my complaints.

Timeshare Management Services sent me very comprehensive details of their services prior to entering into a Contract with them, to try to secure the return of monies I had paid to Future Resorts via my credit card, using section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act

Timeshare Management Services provided me with letters  which I sent to my bank detailing my claim.  They also provided information they had obtained about fraudulent practices used by Future Resorts.  This was also forwarded to my bank.

On receipt of replies from my bank I forwarded copies of their letters to Timeshare Management, who, within days had formulated a response which I then sent off to my bank.

My bank seemed very reluctant to respond to these letter quickly, and Timeshare Management then forwarded me a letter to send to them registering a Formal Complaint about the length of time it had taken them to respond to my original claim.

This worked wonders, and within a week I had received an offer from my bank for the return of the full amount I had paid to Future Resorts some two years previously.

Throughout all my dealings with Timeshare Management I found them to be efficient, courteous and at all times prompt in their communications, both verbal and written.

I have no hesitation in endorsing their services to others who have been trapped by un-ethical  timeshare salesmen.

RG - Angus

Please find enclosed both the letters from Lloyds bank.

We would like to thank you very much for the great result of these claims,
and for such a satisfactory conclusion.

Thank you again
Regards GD


I am writing to thank and recommend your services with regards to Section 75. We were sold software for discount holidays that we never used as they could never accommodate us; we were then contacted by another firm who said that they had a buyer but we had to pay by credit card up front. We did this, only to be told that the deal had fallen through.
We were contacted by Timeshare Mediation Services and they explained to us how Section 75 works and through their guidance and help we got all the money back that we had paid out. We paid a one off payment before they helped us and it was worth every penny. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is having similar problems.

Yours sincerely,


Email received 7th March 2014

To Timeshare Mediation Services

Thank you so much for the excellent service i received from your company,and helping us to recover our money from our credit card company.thanks again. derrick and trish